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Bring together what belongs together

We are your trusted partner in the area of temporary employment and private placement. By providing and placing employees from almost all sectors of business and industry.


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Our company stands for over three decades of pronounced cross-sector expertise in the field of temporary employment, personnel consulting and placement.

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About us ZeitKontakt

Bring together what belongs together …

This mission statement drives us every day to provide our customers and clients with top-quality personnel services – and to do so with conviction and passion.

The company ZeitKontakt was founded in Waldkraiburg (Bavaria) in 1989 and has been active in the areas of temporary employment and private employment services ever since. Since 1998, the office of ZeitKontakt has been located in the very best central location in Siemensstraße 6-6B, very close to the industrial area in Waldkraiburg. Employees from almost all areas of the economy, whether in the industrial or in the commercial sector, are hired out and placed. ZeitKontakt now counts all the leading companies in south-east Bavaria among its client base, which numbers around 350 companies.

For more than three decades, the company ZeitKontakt has been a real alternative on the local labour market, both for companies and for job seekers. Anyone who has taken a closer look at the advantages of this company will very quickly realise that it is worth investing time here and getting in touch. Like many companies, ZeitKontakt is a temporary employment agency, but it is different from many temporary employment agencies. The fast and uncomplicated placement of applicants and employees in interesting and attractive employment relationships is the top priority.


Human resource management new thought. More time for your own business with strategy and planning.

ZeitKontakt - Waldkraiburg - Jobcenter

Do you have vacancies in your company?

Would you like to fill them as quickly as possible? Then the time has come for you to seriously review our company’s performance. Free yourself from cost- and time-intensive recruitment processes. We take care of that for you. In accordance with your requirements, we will quickly and reliably find the right employee for your company. Our range of services includes long-term or short-term employee leasing, temporary work, personnel placement and personnel leasing. Through our closely linked and efficient network, you gain access to a maximum number of qualified and motivated applicants. After a pre-selection by our experienced team, you will receive suitable candidate proposals as quickly as possible. As a rule, today. Challenge us. We are here for you now!

Temporary labour

Our services in the area of temporary employment or personnel leasing offer quick help in times of seasonal and economic fluctuations and personnel bottlenecks. Whether seasonal order peaks, project-specific technology, high order volume or other temporary shifts (e.g. maternity leave). The use of temporary staff never ties up more personnel than necessary. As a holistic personnel service provider, we also take care of the recruitment and selection of employees. In this way, we keep your back free for your business.

With ZeitKontakt, you no longer have to deal with the risks of absenteeism and dismissal. Employee leasing gives you more flexibility and freedom in managing your staff. You work with us to create jobs and reduce the pressure on the already tight labour market.

Direct recruitment and services

In addition to our focus as a temporary employment agency, we can also support you – or, if you wish, take over – all phases of the recruiting process for your permanent employees. As we accompany potential candidates from the very beginning, we can ensure that the best possible selection takes place and that only candidates who fit your requirements find their way to you.

Due to many years of experience, we have a good knowledge of the market and can thus create a tailor-made requirement profile for your company that meets your specific market requirements.

Are you Looking for a recruitment agency?

Ask us. We will discuss all your requirements with you – we will take care of the rest and find the right candidate for you.


The springboard for your own professional success. A wide range of employment and development opportunities.

ZeitKontakt - Waldkraiburg - Jobcenter

Why ZeitKontakt?

With the ZeitKontakt team, you are choosing an attractive and at the same time fair employer. Well-known customers from the fields of industry and trade trust in the performance and reliability of our employees. You too can become part of a motivated and committed team. We will immediately look for a suitable assignment for you at one of our selected and renowned customers. We will gladly take your personal wishes and goals into account. Our team looks forward to receiving your application and meeting you in person.

For us, the following applies:
“Not all jobs are the same”.

A job is much more than just a way to earn money. The right job means quality of life in many respects. Numerous studies show that criteria such as an interesting field of activity, friendly colleagues, variety, security and, of course, earnings play a decisive role in a new challenge.

How does temporary labour actually work?

Basically: You are employed by ZEITKONTAKT in a permanent employment relationship.

Temporary labour, also better known as employee leasing (ANÜ), is an employment relationship between you as an employee, ZeitKontakt as an employment agency and one of our client companies. As you can see from the diagram above, temporary employment therefore involves a kind of triangular constellation between the three parties.

If you present yourself to us as an applicant and sign a temporary employment contract with us, you will be permanently employed by us and thus enter into a formal permanent employment contract with ZeitKontakt. This comes with all the rights and obligations of a regular employment contract. This includes: statutory holiday entitlement, remuneration, continued payment in the event of illness. As an employee (temporary worker), you work in one of our client companies. This means that we send you as an employee to the respective company where you work your contractually agreed hours. The cooperation and thus the expected work assignment with our clients usually extends over several months. Afterwards, we take care of a smooth transition and organise the continuation of your employment with one of our clients that is tailored to your needs.

What can we do for you?

Do you still have questions about us as ZeitKontakt or a suitable job?
Contact us.

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